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Coloring pages and books

develop fine motor skills, perseverance and accuracy, helping to find out more about the world, familiar with all the variety of colors and shades. Every day we add on our site new free coloring pages for boys and girls, which can be colored online or download and print. Easily catalog, compiled by categories easier to find the right image, and a large selection of colorings will allow every day to find new and interesting topic for the painting.

Coloring for kids

Coloring - this is the object which has some specific functions related to the full development of the baby. This coloring is largely allows kids to unleash their creativity. Recently, very popular inclusion in the program of preschool education and training of so-called PCT, that is, those activities that are designed to develop the child's ability to be creative. In the future, when the child grows up, he quite often have to look for a way out of difficult situations and that creative thinking - that, so he can look at some problem from a completely different point of view. This means that the output will be able to find even in seemingly hopeless situations. The color scheme - it's broadest palette and paint - this unusual materials that allow each child to do. Through them he learns from an early age to express the first appearing in his artistic ideas. And that's black and white coloring pages special more than anything else, are suitable as a base from which you should start. In our gallery you can find a huge number of kids coloring.

At what age are suitable coloring and how to choose?

Kids coloring - it is one of the easiest and affordable ways to interest and spend time. This activity fits kids from 1.5 years. So what's the use of coloring? Coloring an object, known or unknown to himself, the child completes their knowledge of the form, the color of the object, develops observation. Initially, the figure and the sun can be green and orange crocodile. This is normal: the child learns the world, brings it to a piece of paper, trying to reproduce color. By these actions, it expands your horizons. So to start, choose the familiar for the baby items: ball, beanbag, pinwheel, apple, etc. When coloring develops motor skills of hands, which is directly linked with the development of thinking baby, as well as the successful development of writing skills. First coloring kids should not contain a lot of small parts. This will allow your child to focus on each item individually. Figures should have a broad outline. For such a circuit would be difficult to leave uncertain handle baby. This allows you to hide the natural error and gives confidence. The outlines of pictures should be smooth, without corners and difficult bends. As children get older and develop the art of coloring the number of elements in the figure increases and the figure itself becomes more complex. In addition to developing motor skills and volitional baby: because he had to try very hard not to go beyond the boundaries of the drawing, you must learn to control the pressure of the pencil, so as not to tear the paper. Painting develops perseverance and attention to the child. Coloring - the way boys and girls in the world of fine art, the world of work, is the development of artistic taste baby. You can offer your child paint on the picture and come up with the plot of the figure, based on the contents painted. Mixing colors, to obtain new colors and shades, too, is a process of creative, informative, interesting and even "magical" for the child. Painting involves the improvement in the complexity of the design and the choice of instruments. First, it generally can be coloring her fingers with water (there are coloring) it suits kids, then - pencils kotoryme suit boys and girls are older, markers, paints.

Why do children so enjoy coloring?

The children really enjoy coloring. Celebrities favorite cartoon characters and fascinating books come to life, you need to spend only a couple of lines of colored pencil or felt-tip pen. Thanks to modern technology educators and parents can create virtually any coloring, this requires the ability to find the necessary images and alter the color image in contour. And so, why do children need paint? Kids love to draw. But a child, especially a small very quickly passes interest in any occupation, if he does not get quick results. Beginning to draw the child wants to have a few minutes to get ready image, whether it's a child's toy or favorite mountain landscape. At the same time he still had enough skills brush and pencil, but also requires the development of fine motor skills. Coloring allows a child to get a good image, having spent the entire processes of drawing a minimum amount of effort. The most important purpose of the album with outline drawings - promote the interests of the child to the graphic activity. Coloring teaches baby to orient on a sheet of paper. The child itself determines where the center, where the lower and upper parts, where the left and right sides. It is very important to develop the skills not only drawing but also writing. In addition, the child gets an idea of ​​the perspective of the major and minor details. Distant objects appear smaller, but close - more. A very important aspect of learning is that the small artist learns to paint the different elements, without going over the contours. This ability is very useful to him in the future, while drawing more complex compositions. Most colorings for children - the main picture is in the center. Intuitively, the baby begins to also adhere to the same principle, is already creating their own drawings, and it has a fairly significant psychotherapeutic effect. Working with problem children teachers and psychologists often use this method - teach children drawing large objects in the center of the sheet. Because of this the children easier to cope with the feeling of insecurity. Coloring pictures, the child has to deal with different colors. At the same time, the baby is not only studying their names, but also gets a huge charge of positive emotions. Coloring helps the development of children's speech. Kids love to discuss what they are doing. Coloring have many options. When choosing paint for a child, you yourself will enjoy, go with him to the magical world of fairy-tale characters.

Math Coloring.

Math Coloring examples for children from 5 to 12 years. Our site contains math coloring varying complexity and sorted into different categories. We would like to offer you a math coloring. They are suitable for preschool, elementary school children 5th grade inclusive. Educational math coloring with examples help children in a playful way to consolidate knowledge of mathematics, increase motivation to study this difficult science, contribute to the development of memory, thinking, attention, imagination, color perception, as well as the formation of the child's thinking variability.
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